The IP Interest Plus Fund is a specialist income portfolio with moderate risk limits that seeks diversity, reasonable yield enhancement, moderate liquidity and relatively low volatility through constrained interest rate positions. The Fund shall at all times run in accordance with the limits, instructions and guidelines contained within Regulation 28 governing the behaviour of pension funds. MitonOptimal has mandated Ashburton Investments to manage this fund who have appointed Albert Botha as the portfolio manager.


The MitonOptimal IP Interest Plus Fund is an actively managed income fund which targets yields that will be higher than those of call accounts and money market funds over time. To achieve this, the Fund invests in a range of cash, money market instruments, fixed deposits and other income securities. It adds performance by actively participating in the credit market, along with extending the maximum and average instrument maturity.





ASISA Category: SA Interest Bearing – Short Term
Benchmark: STEFI Composite Index (net of fees) over rolling 2 year period
28 December 2011
Minimum lump sum investment: R10,000
Minimum monthly investment: R1000
Max Initial Manager Fee: 0%
Max Initial Adviser Fee: 2.00% (excl. VAT)
Annual Management Charge (Class A): 0.60% (excl. VAT)
Dates of income declarations: 31 Mar / 30 Jun / 30 Sept / 31 Dec
Date of income payment: 2nd day of the following month or next business day if the 2nd does not fall on a business day
Valuation time: 15h00 (QE: 17h00)
Transaction time: 14h30
Custodian: Standard Bank of South Africa


Fund Class Currency ISIN Bloomberg
Class A ZAR ZAE000139010 MITINPL:SJ


Name: IP Management Company (Pty) Limited

Address: 1st Floor, Mariendahl House, Newlands on Main, Main Road, Newlands 7700

PO Box 23271, Claremont. 7735, Cape Town, South Africa

Telephone: +27 21 673 1340

Fax: +27 86 557 4848

IP Management Company (RF) Pty Limited Abridged Annual Report | 31 March 2020


Albert Botha

Portfolio Manager

Ashburton Investments

Member of the Association for Savings & Investment SA

FAIS Conflict of Interest Disclosure
With multi-asset portfolios the investment manager, MitonOptimal South Africa (Pty) Ltd employs an investment strategy where specific collective investment schemes across a range of asset classes are selected and grouped together. This enable the management of the units in those portfolios in a cost and tax efficient manner. The investment manager re-invests 100% of all rebates received from the underlying managers. No other FSP receives a distribution fee from the investment manager. If another intermediary FSP is used, it is their responsibility to disclose any additional fees to you as the investor. The following fees are paid out of the portfolio’s service charge and range as follows (excl VAT): IP Management Company (RF) (Pty) Ltd: Up to 0.15% p.a.; MitonOptimal South Africa: between 0.55% and 0.60%; Lisp Fee: 0.25%; Total Service Fee: 1.00% p.a. Excluding VAT.

Please note: The Total Expense Ratio (TER) of the value of the financial product was incurred as expenses relating to the administration of the financial product. The Transaction Costs (TC) relate to the buying and selling of assets underlying the financial product. Total Investment Charge (TIC) is the value of the financial product incurred as costs relating to the investment of the financial product. A higher TER does not necessarily imply a poor return, nor does a low TER imply a good return. The current TER may not necessarily be an accurate indication of future TERs. Transaction costs are a necessary cost in administering the Financial Product and impacts Financial Product returns. It should not be considered in isolation as returns may be impacted by many factors over time including market returns, the type of financial product, the investment decisions of the investment manager and the TER. The EAC is a standard industry measure which has been introduced to allow you to compare the charges you incur and their impact on the investment returns over specific periods. Please visit http://www.ipmc.co.za/effective-annual-cost to access the EAC illustrator. You can request an EAC calculation from clientservices@ipmc.co.za or call us on 021 673-1340. Collective Investment Schemes are generally medium to long term investments. The value of participatory interests or the investment may go down as well as up. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. Collective investment schemes are traded at ruling prices and can engage in borrowing and scrip lending. A schedule of fees and charges and maximum commissions is available on request from the manager. The Manager does not provide any guarantee either with respect to the capital or the return of a portfolio. The Fund is invested in portfolios of other Collective Investment Schemes that levy their own charges, which could result in a higher fee structure for the Fund of Funds. The Manager retains full legal responsibility for the Fund, regardless of Co-Naming arrangements. Each portfolio may be closed for new investments. Transaction cut-off time is 14:30 daily. Valuation time is 20h00 for Fund of Funds. Prices are published and calculated daily, they are available in newspapers countrywide, as well as on request from the Manager. IP Management Company (RF) Pty Ltd is the authorised Manager of the Scheme – contact 021 673 1340 or clientservices@ipmc.co.za. Standard Bank is the trustee / custodian – contact compliance-IP@standardbank.co.za. Additional information including application forms, the annual report of the Manager and detailed holdings of the portfolio as at the last quarter end are available, free of charge, from clientservices@ipmc.co.za. IP Management Company is a member of ASISA. MitonOptimal South Africa (Pty) Limited is the Fund Manager and is regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority, FSP 28160. We advise that you consult a Qualified Independent Financial Advisor to ensure that the Fund is appropriate in terms of the investor’s risk tolerance and appetite. Collective Investment Schemes prices are calculate on a net asset value basis and auditor’s fees, bank charges and trustee fees are levied against the portfolio. Graphs and performance figures are sourced from IRESS for lump sum investments including income distribution, at NAV to NAV basis and do not take any initial fees into account. Income is reinvested on the ex-dividend date. Performance shown is for the portfolio. Individual investor performance may differ due to initial fees, actual investment date, re-investment date and withholding taxes. MitonOptimal South Africa (Pty) Limited is authorised to act as a Fund Manager in terms of FAIS. Fund of Funds invest in portfolios of other Collective Investment Schemes that levy their own charges, which could result in a higher fee structure for the fund of funds.

Great Westerford, Suite 202,
South Wing, 2nd Floor, 240 Main Road,
Rondebosch, 7700, South Africa

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MitonOptimal South Africa (Pty) Limited is an Authorised Financial Services Provider Licence No. 28160, regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) - Registration No. 2005/032750/07.
MitonOptimal Portfolio Management (Pty) Limited is an Authorised Financial Services Provider Licence No. 734, regulated by the FSCA – Registration No. 2000/000717/07.